What Is Your Floor Trying To Say?

Squeaky floors are something that you generally have to deal with when it comes to floorboards made of wood. You know just like in every movie when a teenager tries to sneak out and the floorboards creak or that one person in a horror movie that is too curious for their own good, that they end up stepping on that creaking board ruining everything! Well not only is it annoying to the ears but it also horribly ruins any chances of sneaking out (not that you should be doing that in the first place!). Nonetheless here are some tips to help you prevent such annoying creaks and squeaks by understanding what your floors are trying to say.

Find out the root cause

When you’ve got to repair creaking floor or floorboards, the best step to start off is by not walking on it. Although it might be a rather tough thing to do in the beginning, take small steps and try to find your root troubled board. Once you find that you can simply fix it easily by yourself or with an experts help. So the next time you hear your boards creaking while you walk on them, you know what you should be doing!

I need more maintenance

If something is ignored for a prolonged period of time, the next time you try to use it, it wouldn’t be in its best condition. This is the same logic that applies when it comes to fixing squeaky floorboards. The more you don’t take care and identify the root cause before it is too late, the more cost you would have to bear as the damage increases further. So observe the boards well, if there is a drop in RH level then there is probably going to be that annoying noise that comes out every time you step on a bad board. And if there are gaps between these boards then there is more likely to be an even greater drop in this RH level. So get an experts advise and solve the problem beforehand.

The weather’s not working out with me

Generally, when it comes to hardwood floors, there is a certain impact the weather and climate changes have on it. The drier the air is during winter, the more likely the board is to shrink giving rise to that annoying sound. And it also happens the other way as well during summer. So make sure that you invest in a humidifier to help control the temperature inside your home. This is also a great sign that indirectly helps in balancing out your body and room temperature as well while also minimizing the horrible effects of a weather or climate change. Consider the above and be an expert in understanding your floorboards so that you can treat them better!