Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In An Apartment

The number of apartments is growing faster the number of houses. This is because it’s more convenient to live in apartments. Younger people choose to live in apartments whilst people with families prefer houses. This doesn’t mean than younger people exclusively live in apartments whilst people with families live in houses because many families choose to live in apartments and young people in houses. It is usually opinion based where people weigh the pros and cons of certain living situations. It is like picking a house; you need to know the price, location and etc. Therefore, here’s list of advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment.


Easy to clean

Apartments come in smaller sizes. Due to this, it is very easy to clean an apartment. Similarly, as long as you keep the apartment neat, dirt won’t collect as much. This is very convenient because, when you live in bigger spaces, there will be many rooms to clean and it can be an arduous task.


Apartments have regular maintenance; therefore, things are not likely to break. Even if they do, there’s always some company hired by the apartment to take care of these. Due to this, you won’t have to worry if there’s a pipe broken or any other issues relating to the building.


Apartments have many amenities. This can include gym, sports center, laundry room, swimming pools and etc. This makes life easier for the apartment dwellers. Rather than travel to these places individually, people prefer when they are close by. This will help with their health too as they will exercise more.


Limited space

Due to apartments being small, most people won’t enjoy it being small due to the limited living space. The reason for the limited living space is that, since the apartments are being built to accommodate many, the lesser the living space, the more people it can fit in. Due to this, many apartments can be there in one floor. You won’t be having space for better attic access ladder or even an attic for that matter.

Limited changes

You can’t change the apartment as you wish. The only changes you could do is the decorations. Other than that a loft conversion and so on are out of the question. Link here is a perfect place for loft conversion ideas that will satisfied your needs.


Apartments are generally low in privacy. This is because, there are people living all around you. So, you may not have the privacy you desire. It is easy to hear sounds all around you and expect yourself to be heard in certain instances. The sound can be another problem as well because when someone is having a party or having some friends over, the sound will be heard in other apartments too.